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You are invited to the first virtual Neighborhood Day on Saturday, July, 25 2020 from 9:15 am to 12:00 pm.

Presented by the Bowen Center for Neighborhood Advocacy
3 Seminars, Expert Speakers, Up-to-date Information
With the Opportunity to Ask Questions and Get Answers About 
Issues that Affect Your Neighborhood

Let's make it a great day in the neighborhoods!

From time to time neighborhoods need strength in numbers.  The Bowen assists in bringing the numbers and research, presenting before committees and officials, servicing as a depository of information and resources, and sharing knowledge.

Neighborhood Day is held annually.  It traditionally features speakers on prime issues facing neighborhood leaders including engaging with local officials, building leaders form within, understanding and working with city and county services, and networking with each other.  

We will launch the Leadership Series in September 2020.  The series is for leaders at all levels so they are the most effective community leaders for their neighborhoods.  Workshops include leadership succession, bylaws, managing budgets, event planning, developing volunteers, using social media, using 311, understanding land use and zoning, city and county budgets, animal care services, and implementing programs and activities to engage residents.  

The Bowen Center keeps neighborhood leaders current on critical issues and hosts thought summits to encourage positive dialogue and to share ideas and information.  Topics include policy changes on promoting livability, maintaining home affordability rising property taxes, and preserving neighborhoods.


The Bowen Center is dedicated to uplifting neighborhoods through education and advocacy.  

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